I’m just me, convoluted, yet simple, carefree, yet worried, I love my furkids, all of them!! I’m a complete geek, verging on being a nerd (I’ll embrace the darkside ;0) ) Im addicted to my Kindle and am rarely without something to read, anything…….. yep cereal packets are not safe!

I think/hope I have a madcap sense of humor, but it can be a lil on the sarcasm spectrum. Kinda like my singing it only ventures out when no one else can hear, even the furkids run and hide.

I love to learn, have my views challenged in  a constructive way, respect is a must, but nothing beats a good debate!

I’m a night owl and have chosen to finally use my insomnia to empty my head of my musings and ramblings, if only to make room for more!

Feel free to stop by and say Hey :0)

Just Me

Youtube Addict


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