These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things..

Funny I couldn’t even type that title without singing it. I have found myself enjoying alot of ‘firsts’

For the first time in almost 27 years I now have a car that’s mine, I don’t have to schedule when I need it, I don’t have to explain where I am going or with whom. I am not complaining in any way, I still have to pinch myself every time I open the door and see it in my driveway. I wonder if I’m reluctant to enjoy it because I’m waiting for the universal ‘HAHAHA ONLY JOKING!!’, and for it all to come crumbling down. Ever the pessimist!!

Finding things where I know I left or put them is so pleasing. I realise that might sound trite or petty, but the amount of ‘missing’ items I have now discovered inside a plastic bag, which has been tied and stored inside 3 or 4 more plastic bags!!!

Doing what I need to and want to, without having to think about anything but getting back to walk the dogs or let them out for a toilet break is truly the strangest and most freeing feeling.
I have decided to celebrate the little things. Enjoying having a little Scooby doo on top of my rear view mirror, pleases me. scoobyHaving an R2-D2 vanilla air freshener , pleases me, while smelling great!

Remembering the handbrake is on the dashboard and not on the floor, makes me grin each time I get it right. Admittedly each time I reach to the floor it makes me laugh, so it’s a win, win. I think now I delight in little things, which before I either didn’t notice or or found redundant. I create vinyl graphics for friends, either for their cars or to put on shirts etc.
Having the opportunity to now design something for my jeep, or  just for the spare tyre on the back pleases me and I’ve found a little intimidating, cuz my friends are asking what I’m gonna create for it, or are offering various suggestions. It’s so much easier to create for friends than make a decision for what I would like. It’s a great quandary to have, and most likely when you next check back I will still be procrastinating about what I want to see on it, if anything.

For tonight, I am enjoying a few of my favourite things, spending time with my dogs, indulging my Youtube viewing addiction, while munching chips dipped in ketchup (Seriously try it!)


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