What’s UNDER Your Jeans?

It’s a typical morning, I’m making breakfast, Ipod blaring and I am busting my normal ultra cool moves (Disclaimer Ultra cool in MY head), it occurred to me, ‘Underwear”

Yes I was wearing some, no I wasn’t developing a new fetish, I had caught sight of my reflection in the Microwave as I strutted by and found myself grinning at what I believe are very cool boxers…….. white socks, white t-shirt and Yoda Boxers, yes I said Yoda. I simultaneously had accommodated my Mothers wishes,  in that should the refrigerator attack me and I where rushed to hospital, everything I was wearing was in deed sparkling clean, while still embracing my geeky-rebel side with my little homage to a 2ft green Jedi Master. Yoda

While waiting for my eggs, I mentally ran through my underwear drawer, which started at the plain boxers with pawprints on them, moving to my cartoon characters collection, Sci-Fi insignias, Harry Potter, Superhero themed, right up to Big Dog shorts. As wide as my grin was and as much as I strutted around the kitchen I started to wonder,
‘What would a potential mate think?’
Would she be suitably impressed in my crisp creases and fresh aroma, or would she be worried that she was about to share an intimate moment with someone wearing strange boxers and white socks albeit with ‘Green Lantern’ logos on them.

At this point In hear resounding shouts of
‘Be Yourself!’, ‘She wants you not your wardrobe choice’
This I understand, truly but, yes there’s a but all my fellow Butches will nod knowingly as they read this. You spend your time making sure you look good, neat, tidy and your pant legs aren’t too long, your laces don’t hang low, your belt is centered, your wallet secured in you back hip pocket, as well as your shirt being tucked in, while still allowing you to move your arms and holding the crease in the front, PHEW we work hard as well (*Ducks playful swat from any Femme still reading) All this work could be undone by one badly timed reveal of your favourite  Superman Boxers, or Heaven forbid you wore the bloody boxers your ex bought

that says ‘THE LEGEND’ and points to your crotch!

*Mental note to self , trash those.

I understand you would hope any Femme by this stage would be more interested as to whats in your Boxers, but you cant help but wonder would this make even the fiercest Femme falter?

So I sit here in my Marvin the Martian Boxers, and Fantastic 4 t-shirt I beg the indulgence of the Fiercest Femmes for their input, their thoughts my seal the fate of my continuing underwear trend.


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