Nurses, jags and Needles!

B12, aaah ! Ok, feeling better now, in a few hours I go to have a B12 jag/shot. It actually isnt painful, more annoying how everytime its a new nurse they want to make sure you arent dizzy and wont faint and of course need to stay in their lil room for 20 mins, sighs……. this does nothing for my ego, but at least I get 20 mins of catching up on whatever has caught my attention on my Kindle. Last month, the poor nurse, he walked into the table and actually hit his head on the storage cabinet when in answer to his question of
‘What ya reading?’
I casually answered, ‘The Mammoth Book Of Lesbian Erotica’
Since he now had a head injury, I asked him if he would like to sit down if he was feeling faint…..It seemed the only right thing to do :0)

Dizzy Nurse

Dizzy Nurse




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3 responses to “Nurses, jags and Needles!

  1. kirstywirsty

    Brilliant. The B12 as in vit B12? I take them in tablet form for energy and it really works. Your blog is amusing

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